Tweet feed: Live TDR blog from Grambling’s Aug. 22 scrimmage

Here is a repost of TheDerisoReport’s live tweets from this morning’s Grambling practice sessions. Follow TDR on Twitter here —

Both first- and second-team offense have begun Grambling’s second scrimmage ineffectively.
about 6 hours ago from mobile web

Naquan Smith intercepts, then Maurice Crawford picks up fumble by Reyes. Dillon opened with pick over middle.

Dillon still sticking firmly inside pocket, and that makes the Grambling offense very predictable.

Ends are blitzing very effectively, covering for Anio’s absence.

Ari Johnson’s FG blocked, after defense shuts down first-teamers again. Broadway: Those kind of mistakes will get you beat every time.

Dillon is still a better passer when he’s on the run.

Kenneth Batiste is a startling change-of-pace back, fun to watch and hard to catch.

Eastland still running too straight up, which leads to his problems securing the ball. Untimely penalties pushes second team back.

Reyes hits tight end Kevin Grayson over the middle for first score of day.

Christian Anthony is getting off the ball with remarkable explosiveness. Just levelled Victor Phillips.

Desmond Lenard, in for Anio, just smacked Damian Jefferson, drawing ooohs and aaahs from assembled crowd. He’s game-ready.

Dillon floats one and Nigel Copeland picks it. Coach Gibbs to offense, now on bench: Don’t get down on yourself.

Gibbs: You’ve got bad body language. Get yourself together, and nobody can stop you.

Clearly what they like about Reyes is that he’s so similar to Dillon – a good passer who can hurt you with his feet.

To work on for Reyes: Still telegraphing passes. Needs to look safety off. Almost picked off again.

Dominic Bell picks off a Reyes pass with too much air under it.

Dillon is being forced into running plays by coverage down field.
about 5 hours ago from mobile web

Just a dominating defense show at Grambling scrimmage; even moreso than last week.

This receiving group continues to struggle mightily.

Still shocking after the run of dominance this unit has had over the past 10 seasons.

Dillon rolls out, throws another pick to end things.

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