Tweet feed: Live TDR blog from Grambling’s 2009 game vs. Northwestern State

Here is a repost of TheDerisoReport’s live tweets from tonight’s win over Southland Conference foe Northwestern State in Grambling. Follow TDR on Twitter here —

Sparce crowd on a rain-soaked afternoon at Robinson Stadium. Northwestern State is descending into The Rob.
about 5 hours ago from web

Northwestern State marched down into the red zone to start. Grambling defense stiffens, then Demons miss a field goal.

Just that quickly, a Grambling turnover when Van Phillips sees the ball slip out of his hands on a Dillon pass. Conditions clearly a factor.

Nigel Copeland breaks up a third-down pass into the corner of the endzone. Christian Anthony is exploding off the line, and altered throw.

A second field goal miss in a row by Northwestern State. Wet ball nearly fumbled by his holder. Grambling needs to settle into its run game.

Grambling wearing gold jerseys, with white pants. NSU in all white.

Grambling has driven out to its own 40, using an option look remarkably similar to the misdirection plays the Tigers faced last week.

Dillon sees ball slip out as he goes down on a sack; ruled a fumble. Somebody get these guys some dry hand towels.

NSU is using a two tight-end, power-rush formation. First and goal; still scoreless.

Just that quick, it’s third and goal. Short-yardage problems continue for Demons.

Overthrown ball to back of endzone, after Bruna Foster zipped in on a delayed blitz. FG attempt, the third of night already, misses…again

Still 0-0, somehow. Inclement weather is the principal storyline. That favors the defenses, as we’ve seen.

Give Frank Warren a chance, and he will impress. Such heart.

Grambling nears midfield after Warren carries several Demon defenders on his back. 2:35 remaining in first quarter. 0-0.

Sack leaves Grambling with third-and-13. Pass intercepted after a tip. The game is as messy as the corners of Robinson’s unique sunken bowl

Christian Anthony forces Northwestern State into a bad throw on fourth down. That’s four straight stops inside 30 for this defense.

Grambling’s line is dictating the tempo as the first quarter ends. But Tigers offense is struggling just as mightily as NSU’s.

Dillon takes a big hit to earn a first down. He’s not afraid of failing, and that makes him dangerous.

Grambling, in its opening possession of the second quarter, crosses midfield for the first time all day. Consecutive run plays to get there.

Grambling again forced to a fourth down, considers going for it. Then tries punt from midfield. Bad snap goes all the way back to 25.

Northwestern punches in two plays later. You can’t expect any defense, even one this talented, to hold on when it keeps getting put in a hole.

Impressive stiff arm from Dillon on a second-down run in the ensuing series, but off-setting penalties negate the run.
about 4 hours ago from web

Warren snaps free, crosses midfield, and rumbles all the way to the 33 — right up the middle.

Mistakes are killing this Grambling team again. Northwestern State gets ball back, scores again, 6:03 remaining in half. NSU 14-0.

Consecutive tough catches by Jesse Smith, over the middle. Quick passes are getting momentum back for Grambling.

Northwestern State has a quick perimeter defense. Grambling has had more success with inside runs and passes in the area of the linebackers.

Outside run stuffed, then Dillon sacked. A Grambling punt follows, then a big hit dislodges the ball from Northwestern’s returner.

Penalty called for interference, drawing a vicious round of boos from the home crowd.

Desmond Lenard runs the ball back for a GSU score after a stripped ball. The spark Grambling needs going into the half?

Ari Johnson misses the XP, but Northwestern State is offsides. That follows a celebration penalty on Grambling, as crowd goes wild.

14-7, Northwestern State, late in the second quarter. The defense, despite a lot of preseason thoughts to the contrary, is carrying GSU.

As the rains lessen, the Tiger Marching Band gathers for the halftime show. Christian Anthony crashes into NSU QB, with less 1 min left.

Nigel Copeland picks off Northwestern in the end zone to the end the threat. Demons receiver tried to adjust to ball, and fell.

Dillon kneels on ball, 14-7 Northwestern at the half.

World Famed opens with “Remember The Time,” a tribute to Michael Jackson.

For all of the miscues, and there were many, many, many miscues, Grambling is right in this game. A break here or there on offense …

… and Grambling could win its first home game ever against a Southland Conference opponent. But longtime fans will remember …

the Tigers were in a similar situation in 2003 at The Rob against McNeese State, and faded late in the game.

Up next for the World Famed, MJ’s “Pretty Young Thing.”

TMB forms the word BAD as it moves into the title track of that Michael Jackson’s recording.

The closing number is the Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There,” which has the brave souls who fought through the rains, swaying along.

The teams are retaking the field. Light showers continue, and so umbrellas are still scattered amongst the crowd, but steady rains are gone.

Grambling gets the ball to start the second half. This is a critical drive. This one could get away from the Tigers, starting now.

Consecutive first downs bring Grambling to the 40. Warren again up the middle, across midfield, on a quick handoff.
about 3 hours ago from web

But Grambling runs into trouble on second and third downs, getting stuffed. Special teams back on field; NSU ball at its own 33.

Christian Anthony picks off a Northwestern State pass in the flat, then as he rumbles toward the Demons goal line, pitches out …

to Nigel Copeland — who scores to tie the game. A week after Anthony ran out of gas at the edge of a score, he makes a brilliant play.

This game is far from over. But you wonder if Grambling can win tonight with defense alone. Don’t tell Christian Anthony they can’t.

Offsetting penalties mean Grambling has to kick again. Broadway is furiously arguing against the GSU flag.

11 minutes left in the third quarter. Grambling’s defense, if it makes a quick stop, could knock the Demons to the mat.

Christian Anthony just picked off another pass, in the home side flat, but this time runs it all the way in to the south endzone. 21-14, GSU

What a tremendous effort on Anthony’s part. He has personally taken over this game.

Grambling’s offense only has two first downs this half. Yet it leads. They owe Chris a steak. A big one.

For everything there is to praise about its performance, you have to wonder if GSU’s defense is tiring. They’ve been out there a while.

Northwestern State is pounding the ball, and it’s getting downfield. Anthony is coming off the field (cramp?). Demons inside the GSU 40

Savage, a terrific new presence on the Grambling defensive line, is helped off the field. Left leg injury, apparently.

Exama makes great play to force fourth down. But QB keeper earns a new set.

Exama makes another great play, stripping the ball when the NSU running back was stacked up at the line. Tigers have not scored on offense.

With 6 minutes left in the third quarter, Grambling gets just its third first down of the half. GSU leads 21-14, anyway.

Rodale Pippin is a young player with great hands. Makes an impressive sideline catch that nearly nets a first down at midfield.

Walker smashes in for the first. Tough defensive play breaks up next pass. Then a dropped pass. GSU’s offense still isn’t in sync.

A 15-yard walk off on a defensive foul puts GSU inside the Northwestern 35. But Dillon overthrows Smith to the corner of the end zone.

It’s third down, again. Dillon throws the swing pass to Warren, a coverage decision, but it’s short. Fourth down, and a FG attempt.

Delay of game pushes Ari Johnson’s attempt back to 49 yards. Missed to right. Would have been longest in more than a decade at GSU.

5 minutes left in third, Grambling still up (somehow) 21-14.

Bad snap, this time for Northwestern. Grambling gets to take advantage of the kind of mistake that has plagued the Tigers for two weeks.

Grambling has its deepest penetration yet into NSU territory, at about the 30. The Tigers move to just inside the 25 on a Warren run.

Time out with under 2 left in third period. Should Grambling’s offense score, and that’s a big “should,” you wonder if NSU could …

put two scoring drives together in one quarter against Anthony and this surging Grambling defense. These guys are mudders. I don’t see it.

Dillon overthrows on third down, a little excited it seems about the prospect of scoring. Ari Johnson hits a 30 yarder to put GSU up 27-14.

Grambling makes a stop to begin the fourth quarter. The offense then takes the field at its own 15, 13:30 left in the game and up by 10.

Northwestern State picks off an ill-advised long pass; Broadway is furious with the receiver on the sidelines. NSU ball at GSU 43.
about 2 hours ago from web

Looks like the receiver ran the wrong route, or pulled off the play. Dillon clearly thought it was a go.

A late-hit call on Exama runs the ball to the Grambling 20. Chris Anthony picks up the rusher and flings him to the ground like a ragdoll.

Christian Anthony drills the quarterback next. He’s everywhere; he’s everywhere. Third down, back to the Grambling 28.

Flag on NSU pushes the Demons further back, to the 34. Crowd oohs and aahs when Texas Southern score is announced: ULM up 51-0.

Exama called for a late hit, taking back a lot of the good he had done early with his second big flag. Demons push to the 10.

T.J. McCord makes a nice play at the goal line to snuff the touchdown threat. Even a field goal keeps this one closer than it should be, though.

24-17, Grambling, after Northwestern makes its first FG of the night — on the third try.

The two earlier attempts were when the winds and rains were more intense. That weather system has moved out of the area.

Still sprinkling, but far more manageable field conditions now.

I say that, then Stuckman bobbles the kickoff.

Warren finds a hole the size of a semi on the first play, then dashes and dashes, slashes, then dashes some more — all the way inside 5.

I say the rain’s passed and it starts storming again. Good thing I don’t work for the Weather Channel.

Victor Phillips recovers a fumble at goal line — and scores. In an odd night on offense, I guess that makes sense. Another lineman with a TD.

No skill position has yet scored in this game for Grambling.

8 minutes away from its first win of the year, Grambling still has a lot of questions on offense, and on special teams.

Savage is back in the game, apparently OK. He makes a big stop.

Pressure settling in on Northwestern, 31-17 in the fourth. A pass drops to the turf.

Grambling hasn’t beaten a non-SWAC Division I-AA team since Savannah State in 2004, and a non-HBCU I-AA since Nicholls State in 2001.

That was also Grambling’s most recent Southland Conference victory; it last beat Northwestern State in 1974 opener.

GSU offense in slow-down mode, running time off the clock with each snap. Another first down could put the game on ice. Less than four left.

Fourth down, Grambling takes delay of game to eat up more time. 31-17, nearly the two-minute warning.

Punt goes inside the 10, even as Fabian Carter gets run into. He gutted out a great hit, and that gives Grambling the ball back with a first.

Warren, running for a first down, zips down on a change of direction play, keeps making moves, and just like that is down inside the 10.

Running clock now. Rodale Pippin scores again. 1:42 left, GSU is up 37-17. A big win, but with many, many big questions left unanswered.

The running game seems to be in good shape, in particular when Warren gets going inside. Defense speaks for itself.

Northwestern State had its chances, though, with the sputtering special teams play — and the inability to get the passing game going.

Without the defense in general, and Christian Anthony in particular, this game is tied 17-17. Grambling defenders responsible for 21 points.

Derrick Wilhite ends things with a interception. Until the end, this unit is the heart and soul of the Grambling resurgence.

Rod Broadway has not lost a game at Robinson Stadium since he arrived in 2007.

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