TDR download: Family of late Grambling basketball player Henry White sues; read the petition

The mother of Grambling basketball player Henry White, who died last August after collapsing during an off-season practice on campus, has filed suit against GSU and the University of the Louisiana System board of supervisors.

White’s mother Natalie Wood alleges, among other things, that the school didn’t provide for her son’s safety during what turned out to be a four-mile run, and didn’t alert emergency personnel quickly enough after White, 21, collapsed.

Click here to read the petition against Grambling for wrongful death.

Grambling subsequently fired head coach Rick Duckett and assistant coaches Steve Portland and Phillip Stitt on Sept. 26, but none of them are named in the suit.

The petition alleges that White and other players were forced by Portland to run four miles “for failing to timely register” for school. The summer session happened in 100-degree heat, and was conducted without water and without a trainer present, the suit alleges.

After White collapsed, the suit says, he was taken to the university’s Assembly Center, where teammates poured water on him in an effort to cool White off, and tried to revive him. White died later at a hospital in Shreveport, where the petition was filed earlier today.

White, a product of Washington High in Milwaukee, played as a freshman at Marshalltown Community College before transferring to Hill Junior College in Texas. He had two years of eligibility remaining at Grambling.

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