CELEBRATION OF STARS: Grambling Legends honor heroes who guided them

The Grambling family gathered Saturday at the Monroe Civic Center to induct the Grambling Legends Sports Hall of Fame’s second class, and to again celebrate the lives of the four biggest legends that made the school’s proud athletics history possible — Eddie Robinson, Ralph W.E. Jones, Fred Hobdy and Collie J. Nicholson.

“It tells you what Grambling meant to so many of us,” inductee Doug Williams said. “A lot of these guys — and even when I came out of high school — we couldn’t go anywhere else. Grambling was the place that we had to go, and we made the best out of it.

“‘Prez’ Jones, Eddie Robinson, Fred Hobdy and Collie J. Nicholson made sure that we had what we needed to work with, to make sure that we all had the opportunity to become principals, teachers, playing in the National Football League or Major League Baseball.”

Williams headlined the class of 15 inductees. He won three SWAC championships as a player at Grambling, became the first black quarterback to play in and win a Super Bowl, and returned to Grambling as Robinson’s successor to win three more conference titles.

“Fortunately, I played for a guy by the name of Eddie Robinson who did a wonderful job, not just on the football field, but off the football field,” Williams said.

“The one thing he talked to us about was not so much the Xs and Os, but mostly about what it takes to be a survivor in America, to grow up to be a great American, to be able to provide for your family, and to become good citizens.”

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