Julius Dixon has kept Savannah State together, despite difficult slate

Savannah State coach Julius Dixon is realistic about his chances against Florida A&M.

“Our thing is, we’ve faced some great teams thus far,” Dixon said. “I think the record of the teams we have faced is 22-5. Each week when we go out, if I can continue to have these kids play hard, then maybe we will make some of these games a little bit closer.”

They’ll square off on Saturday against a Florida A&M team that has been cooling its heels for two weeks after an emotional MEAC loss to South Carolina State.

“We’re looking to get back on the field,” said FAMU coach Joe Taylor, who is getting back seven players from injury. “We’ve invited to two or three pity parties, but we decided not to go.”

They might have found Savannah State huddled around the hors d’oeuvres, too, if not for the upbeat Dixon.

[Florida A&M’s bye week came at the right time for struggling Rattlers.]

Savannah State has struggled through injury, something that’s particularly difficult with a smaller program. The roster is loaded with green, first-year performers — including a freshman out there under center, which also hampers Dixon’s hopes at pulling the upset. They’ve been away from The Friendly Confines for nearly two months, too.

But nobody has quit, Dixon said.

“These guys are great,” he said. “This is our seventh game in a row on the road. They don’t whine; they don’t complain. They are searching, and trying to give me everything they’ve got.”


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