Ticket sales key to achieving Grambling’s official estimates for ULM revenue

Grambling will receive the same guarantee for a return game to nearby FBS program Louisiana-Monroe, despite having helped to set a new home attendance record there on Nov. 20, 2007, drawing 30,101 fans.

GSU reportedly got a $100,000 guarantee back then. It will receive $100,000 again to return on Sept. 10 of this season and then again on Sept. 7 of 2013. Grambling officials initially estimated a total earnings figure of three times that amount for each of these contests, money that will have to come from added revenue streams — in particular, ticket allotments.

ULM gave Grambling 7,500 tickets, to be priced at $25 a piece. That figures to $187,500 in potential revenue. Grambling can also generate money from tailgating areas, according to the contract. (Those tickets will be distributed as follows: 50 tickets on the home side between the 40-yard lines; 1,000 tickets in sections 116-118; and 6,450 tickets in sections 211-219.)

[CLICK HERE to see the contract for Grambling’s 2011 and 2013 football games at Louisiana-Monroe.]

In total, that lines up with Grambling athletics director J. Lin Dawson’s initial comments on the ULM contest: “As the visiting team,” he said in a school release in January, “Grambling will make just over $300,000 for each game with very few expenses.”

But it will come to down to fan support for a game they’ve already seen. Last time, there was an historical backdrop as two north Louisiana college football programs faced off for the very first time. That novelty no longer exists.

On the upside, slating this game early in the season is a smarter decision — for fans, and perhaps for the teams, too. ULM had already played its way out of Sun Belt contention by the time this game kicked off in November 2007, something that perhaps had a chilling effect on home ticket sales. Grambling fans outnumbered their counterparts by a staggering amount. Meanwhile, Grambling’s stumble at Malone Stadium sent it into a three-game tailspin, culminating with a loss at the Southwestern Athletic Conference Championship Game against Jackson State.



  1. Am not giddy on this contract at all.Not a J.Lin Dawson fan at all either,yet I digress.

    ULM says they had over 20,000 per home game last year.Yeah,if you (and they do) include the game with Arkansas at Little Rock.

    But in Malone Stadium,the average was less than 14,000 per game.Grambling gets 7500 tickets.I guess ULM is inflating the value of these cheap seats to average $25 per when added with the 50 "good" seats GSU gets.

    GSU put the people in the stands the last time,and ULM is counting on GSU doing the same again so the WARHAWKS get a big payday at home at our expense.

    Just wondering if Cedric Glover and Derrick Dooley consulted with Dawson on this deal also…

    Really Grambling people,we need an athletic director who cares about and looks out for OUR best interest.

  2. @Larry, I respectfully disagree with you good brother. I guess one can always say we could have gotten more, but how more is that? I think this is a good deal. In addition to a guarantee and ticket sales, we have been given tailgate space to sale. All of the proceeds from tailgate space sold by Grambling goes to Grambling. If we were playing some one like LSU I could relate, but we are talking about ULM here.

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