The latest SWAC men’s basketball tournament seeding scenarios

Here are the latest Southwestern Athletic Conference men’s basketball tournament seeding scenarios, as outlined by the league office on Thursday night …

#1 — Texas Southern

#2 — If Jackson State defeats Alabama A&M, JSU is #2 seed no matter what Alabama State does vs. Grambling. If there is a 3-way tie between JSU, MVSU, and ALST, then JSU is #2, ALST is #3, and MVSU is #4 (JSU swept MVSU, and ALST holds the head-to-head over MVSU by point differential in their season split).

MVSU can only be the #2 seed if both JSU and ALST lose on Saturday. ALST can only be the #2 seed with a win at Grambling and a JSU loss to Alabama A&M.

If JSU and ALST both lose (that means AAMU beat JSU), then MVSU is #2 seed, and the 3-way tiebreaker for the #3 seed between JSU, ALST, and AAMU goes to ALST by the Hornets having a win over TXSO. The head-to-head tie-breaker for the #4 seed between JSU and AAMU would be dependent by how many points AAMU defeated JSU in this scenario. JSU won by 2 points in Huntsville. If AAMU were to win by 2 points in Jackson, then JSU holds the tie-breaker over AAMU by sweeping the #2 seed MVSU.

If AAMU beats JSU and ALST wins, then ALST is #2 seed, MVSU is #3 seed, and JSU and AAMU are the #4 and #5 based on the same head-to-head scenario above.

AAMU is assured of playing in the #4 vs. #5 game in the opening round.

#6 / #7 / #8 — If Grambling beats ALST, the GSU is the #6 seed.

If UAPB and PVAM end up in a two-way tie, then the tie-breaker goes to PVAM by 1 point differential.

If there is a 3-way tie between PVAM, GSU, and UAPB, then PVAM is #6 with its win over MVSU. GSU would then be #7 and UAPB #8 based on point differential.

UAPB cannot be the #6 seed. If PVAM beats Southern, then PVAM is at least the #7 seed depending on GSU’s result vs. ALST. UAPB is the #8 seed if PVAM defeats Southern.

If PVAM loses to Southern, the GSU is #6, UAPB is #7, and PVAM is #8 no matter what happens elsewhere.

Alcorn State and Southern have been eliminated from contention for the tournament.


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